Hey, you've found me!

My name is Nigini and I am passionate about creating technology and including people in the process!

Be aware: I am putting this new webpage together as you read. But there are enough links around. Please, visit the menus! :)



I will have the privilege to co-learn again with the incredible students of the MHCI+D UW Masters program. Let's Prototype, people!

DWeb Camp 2024

Summer planning started: I am gonna be volunteering again at the amazing DWeb Camp!

LabintheWild 2024

Excited to partner with Katharina to get LabintheWild to it's next level! What if you could access as much of human diversity in your research projects?


I moved my Mastodon home to the Social Coop cooperative. My goal is to learn about democratic ways to maintain the Social Media I am part of.